Battered Men

Battered men

Are like closed doors

They don’t cry out or

Tell their problems

Everyday is a nightmare

Resisting feelings, or un-

Encouraged by their families

Doing so may cause

Embarrassing feelings and bring a shock to the


The Resurrected Dreamer

Awakened out of the abyss rise from

My burial grave undisturbed I must

See my dream unfold

I hovered over the city watched in despair

Witnessed homeless children, men, women,

So much agony, did anyone care? I would

Build shelters on every corner no

One sleep under shed for cover

Provide safe haven for desperate to escape

Escape from pain, hurt they constantly

Feel I’d have counselors, staff, give advice,

Help them heal

Pray more, attend church every Sunday,

I see this world so much pain I

Need to be intoxicated until numb

I hate feeling lifelessness it’s

Unfortunate I did nothing to help

I feel somehow responsible

I spent money on selfish

Needs my family must be secure

I don’t have abundance for

Broke unemployed poor

I’d pray believe God send a

Blessing their way God cares for

The homeless come what may

I had fame cover of magazines,

Give back, help the needy, feed the

Hungry, cloth the naked,

I had a delusional time table

I did not tell my heart’s desire

Surprise the world give big

Donations all who heard be inspired

How could I die so young so much I

Needed to get done thought I had

More time my show just begun

My dream my story hidden scared

Someone steal my glory do

It all over I would change free

The world from chaos and dismay

Foolish dying my dream buried

Inside what good keeping it hidden

I’m dead now all my

Influence is useless

I wander streets soul uneasy God

Had a planned purpose for my life

I was not obedient.

Southern Blossom

Arms stretched hands hanging down

Long fingers entangle you asking

too hold your hand

No one inclined their ears to my needs

Used me for selfish gain no affection

For me in Carolina I’ve stood

So long seen the South torn

Through racial thunderstorms

Men hung from my arms in disgrace

Punished people dislodged and

Misplaced all my glory masked in

Darkness people deemed toxic

No respect given dangle,

Shake, self proclaimed superiors

Cheered declared God’s work

for Christ sake

No master sought approval threw

Rope around me, tied my arm, pulled

Tightly, squeezing the very sap out of me

One decision bond forever forged

Betwixt slave and I one rope connected

Both souls tree and man alike

Master pulled tighter watched

Him dance suspended mid air

He shook, shimmied, they

Cheered at the festivities as

if watching the Emmys

All my splendor vibrant colors

of my leaves there is sadness

Hidden in each ring for so

Many seasons

I stand firm Angel Oak shall not be

Moved seasons change it was too

Late slaves beckoned the day

Relief from hate

A New South has arisen no

Longer see hanging blacks a privilege

80 rings am I life is changing it seems

This New South is foreign to me

As a sapling I remember cries at

Midnight hymns of broken people

Praying for freedom I stood unmovable

Families gathered witnessed horror

I envisioned ferocious winds howling

Causing my limbs to break render me

Useless that hour

I waited patiently no strong winds

No hurricane taking me to my final

Resting place I’m tired of

Being an ornament of disgrace

Who understands a divided

Nations fate

No longer a hanging tree my

Arms more limber used for shady

Picnics, quality time, as families flourish

Bloody stains of slavery, our nation’s

History- like harsh, cold, brutal winters

Observe fertility, youthful spring

In the Carolinas

Embrace the Golden Age, bask in the

Warmth of summer

Indulge in the rainbows of autumn

We are ever changing

Ever growing

Not fully inclusive but we seize the


of seasons of life to come.


Bitter Sweet Memories

What happens when youthful

Countenance dissipates gray hair

Appears fancy foot work of

Dancers no longer move quickly?

When youthful breast nurture

Care for babe no longer firm

When a man once vibrant passions energy

Decreases enjoyment life’s pleasure

Increase body no longer willing

When little things matter more

Than years prior beautiful wife

Of thy youth more satisfying

We recall speeding down highways

Trills our twenties now fifty enjoying

Being together same highway all these years

Starting a family through spontaneous

Pleasures, excitement hearing your

Expecting, fears completely

Responsible for infant

Planning ensuring every moment safe,

Fear staying up sneak out on a date,

Little arguments cute little bundle

Runs away declare mom and

Dad play favorites

Joys of parenting woes of teenage

Heart breaks, prom dates, uninvited

Parties, watching children develop,

Young adults, joys, accomplishments,

Graduate, off to college

Finally the house empty travel, explore

New heights, just the two of you starting

Again enjoy every moment in the

Beginning love between man and woman

and life as they dreamed it would be.

I Am Not the Invisible Girl

I am not the invisible girl no one ever sees

weakest link no matter my accusers

Creator of all things saw the world without me

Said within himself this cannot be

I need a young girl to fight

Defeat all giants save others’ lives

Priceless in the sight of God considered

You valuable said you’re worth my life

Destined for Greatness your life not a failure

God knew all would happen no surprises

God believes in you knows you will survive

Every obstacle, test no matter how great the trial

Will not drudge every mistake

Studies the plan sets record straight

God will reveal treasures hidden in you

let all know concerning

your life he approves.


Day awaits him such uncertainty

Newness of feeling yet to be explored

He desires to understand his

Purpose propelling him on a journey

of self-fulfillment his intellect thirst

for knowledge is admirable

A debonair man understands knowledge

Foundation of true power

Develops his mind as well as his biceps

Moral character, life style, confidence

In every step, exquisite definition

of the male form brings women subject

Strength in his triceps man of

Stature all who look upon him

Stand an applaud

He is the very definition of man- healthy,

Strong, foundation which his family

Rests his strength pure bread Arabian

His speed unmatched

His voice intense voice of

Honor speaks with authority

Commands his environment

Conforms his world

Shaped by the sweat of his brow

One woman adored

Each touch his hand assuring her

There is no other his children

Well loved groomed example

of excellent training

Father commands children taught

With purpose fashioned for greatness

Unobtainable power testosterone

Flowing through his body

Thrusting him forward no

Woman could comprehend the

Pleasure of manhood.

Muslim Momentum

I am a Muslim, I will not be

Made ashamed I wish no

harm on mankind nor praise

ISIS radical gains

Sunni am I in peace I want to live

Not in fear of my life or my loved

ones so dear all Muslims not evil

doers seeking destruction on the weak

Yet all demonized by media

World labels us extremist no rest for me

The Muslim order ruled legitimately by

Descendants of four Caliphs all Sunni

Hold this belief we are the greater sector

80% of the Muslim world are we

Characterized by radical twenty percent

for they despise Christian nations

Listen America watch and see Pres. Trump

demonized all Muslims we cry loud as

black lives matter takes hold

You will hear the distant chant Muslim

Men and women are innocent first stone

Thrown by citizen with no sin

Angela Merkel: The Beauty of In Between

East German raised West German born two distinct

Worlds separated loved ones young girl’s perception of

The world being formed devout Lutheran upbringing,

Great wall crumbling, free to leave embraces logic,

Science yet holds fast Christian values Great

Faith become German Chancellor

De facto leader of European Union she fully embraces

Balancing act; German Chancellor, understanding German

Citizens needs, legislating European Union unbiased,

All countries may benefit, three-terms, first woman

Chancellor, The Decider, not easily persuaded by public

Opinion does what is needed when opposition withstands her

Christian leader not afraid defend her faith welcomed immigrants,

Opened Germany’s borders, help all in need,

Scientist rules with logic, lead Germany out of recession,

Gave stimulus packages, subsidies companies, cut workers’ hours,

Balanced budget, created fiscal surplus logic guiding her

Managed Euro crisis

Angela Merkel, Leader of the Free World one of the most

Powerful women on earth.

 Golden Opportunity

Five individuals their I-pads expensive

Black pens peer questioning your interests?

One by one you answer their questions

They analyze if you are their preference

Finally it’s over you shake hands

Close the door exit nerves on edge

One, two months or more one

Phone call opens the door

Voice strong powerful

We need you report to headquarters

The process, signing your name in

the company’s book of opportunity

Unemployed for years you don’t care

Give me the position I’ll go anywhere

I’ll do anything

A tour smiling co-workers toil

Happily employees working all acting

Wow, what a show! Cake in the break

Room, managers cheered new

Arrivals had come

Given the holy manual, company is

Governed page after, page, rules,

Regulations, is this really my safe haven?

Lead to the back, your ID being made

Hold still, one flash, no more

Financial heart ache

Ah, I can breathe, I have a job,

Free at last, a job is the

Key to gaining success.

The Fool Hearted Dreamer

I attended the funeral of a Dreamer

Whispering I asked, “How did the dreamer

Die and why?”

The Dreamer waited with expectation five

Years no fulfillment no seasons changed

No matter Dreamer said, “I’ll wait

Ten years, twenty years.  The Dreamer

Wathed loved ones as they

Rotted and died

Too much pain for the Dreamer living

Things vibrant, thriving, loved ones grew

Strong, then wither, perhaps all this time

Dreamer was in denial –this I

Pondered casket carried by

Six down the aisle

I inquired of a gazing old woman

The mission?

“To scared of any living

being to reveal the vision.’

Dreamer claimed,

“It would be for the world to see.”

So great Dreamer died, the

Dream buried inside.

Dreamers underestimate magnitude

Of their gifts.

“Please, someone tell me what was

the dream, what gifts contributed”?

An elderly man rocking steadily in the

Pew, stated firmly,

“Professing to have great wisdom,

died like a fool.”

“Whatever the dream, dead now it’s

too late, so we attend the funeral

and speculate.”

We say farewell to the dreamer

and the unspoken dream.

 The Machine

In the cold young, old, exercise rights

Our government graciously bestowed

We vote; states big, small, blue,

Red, stay home if you dare

I watch the machine great faith in

Democracy nothing could go wrong

Every vote counted fairly, I select

Democrat, somehow that machine

Didn’t pick my candidate–

I call for assistance volunteer finished

Training this morning so knowledgeable

I stand in awe!

“You learned this two hours ago?

Impressed ever more our great democracy.”

Informed me machine acting strangely


“ It has a tendency to vote for you,

do not be alarmed, I fixed it,

choose the right candidate.”

“Any party you like I guarantee

this time it will work just fine.”

I touched the screen a test selected

Republican candidate machine confirmed it

Great, I thought touched button to

Undo, sorry, read the machine two

Attempts you’re through

I glanced around so much blind trust

Walked off shaking my head given

Sticker ‘I voted’ I look upon disgusted

I listened as others murmur,

“Did you vote on the bill?”

“I tried machine went blank, rebooted,

whole ballot completed not sure what

I voted on or whom.”

“You vote against tax increase?”

“I tried, but the

arrow kept moving all around I think I

Voted for tax increases ten times!”

Democracy easier every day make

a difference politicians say how

Great our country would be no political

Jargon spoken– healthier I imagine,

Less talk less hot air pollutants.

Election of 2016

America experience transition this election

Year incomprehensible shrewd business

Man elected self-proclaimed republican

Nomination captured

Democrats, superdelegates, swindle Bernie

Sanders, elect by unethical measures Hillary

Clinton to the rescue

Trump card, keep email scandal

Circulating, build a wall around

Mexico, change trade laws, repeal Obamacare

Clinton strategy, continue policies of her

Predecessor first African-American, first

Woman not even hollywood could write

Such script

World looking in disgust American

Politics became a circus citizens torn

Neither candidate their choice

Democratic primary stolen from

Sanders superdelgates propped Clinton

Illusion created landslide victory

Superdelgates ineligible in presidential

Elections no political safe haven

Election results stunned the world

People have spoken against political

Establishment America needs new

Direction resist nation’s appearance of

Democracy revolution on the horizon

New world order must be accomplished

Superdelegates excessive influence ruined

Primary results no longer

Factor in American politics.


(An American Irish Limerick)

There once was a crazy election chap,

There in the land of America,

They vote Republican, Democrat;

The results were in, Hillary wins

I said to myself oh what the crap!

Abraham’s Decision

any daughters and sons three

Women born Middle Eastern heirs

My seed torn

In God’s arms I rest my goal please the

Master forever I left my father’s house

No man beckoning me but I am that

I am called and moved me onward

In Jehovah’s presence I was visited the

Promise given uncertain my body able

Age the reality

My answer a young maiden Haggar youth

of her being her womb calling me with

My woman’s approval I received her body

Her womb open to me

There new life formed my first

Born son but with Haggar a servant girl

Exquisite joy birth of Ishmael my son I waited

Days praying it would come now God is

Faithful need no man’s help not I nor Sarahi

Could hinder God’s plan

But wait one more visit Jehovah speaks,

“Your son shall be born from the wife of

thy youth, Ishmael, a great nation, Isaac

Promised seed of Sarah and Abraham.”

Three decisions created Middle Eastern

War zone I am father Abraham what

Have I done? After the death of Sarah, I

Married another woman Keturah more

Children born who claim their

Inheritance as my sons.

A Dream

As I awoke, I saw my future peering back at me. Speaking to my past, my future spoke, “You are the reason I am here.”

A White Man’s Perspective

Not fair employing Hispanic men

Asian women meet their quota

Exactly how many minorities

Needed keep company’s doors’ open?

Immigrants storm my country obtain

More benefits than I born native

Countrymen indeed!

Research suggests more Caucasians

On food stamps It’s fact!

Awaken white race stage political

Cue burn research no one need

Know continue the story line

Blacks own food stamp show

Continue to mold world’s perception

Minorities using government funds


Not my fault I was born

White man my life God’s plan

Remember this while using my

Benefits justifying living in

My country on my land!