Biracial Dating- Royals versus Commoners

It has been ages since I have posted anything on my blog and I do apologize.  It has been a very trying four months for me personally.

I am ecstatic about the engagement to HRH Prince Harry to Ms. Megan Merkel.  In particular because I dated a Caucasian male (a commoner) whose family would not accept him dating an African- American woman. Yet, the royal family has accepted Prince Harry’s choice for a bride. How ironic for commoners in the southern part of the United States to display a level of arrogance while the British royal family is inclusive.

Angela Merkel: The Beauty of In Between

This poem was written last year; just in case someone assumed it was written to commemorate Angela Merkel’s being elected to a historic 4th term as German Chancellor. It will be featured in my upcoming book the Beauty Behind Shattered Crystals. This book includes biographical poetry on certain political figures as well as satirical political poetry.

East German raised, West German born, two distinct

Worlds separated loved ones, young girl’s perception of

The world being formed, devout Lutheran upbringing,

Great wall crumbling, free to leave embraces logic,

Science; yet holds fast Christian values Great

Faith become German Chancellor


De facto leader of European Union she fully embraces

Balancing act; German Chancellor, understanding German

Citizen’s needs, legislating European Union unbiased,

All countries may benefit, elected to fourth term, first woman

Chancellor, The Decider, not easily persuaded by public

Opinion does what is needed when opposition withstands her


Christian leader not afraid defend her faith welcomed immigrants,

Opened Germany’s borders, help all in need,

Scientist rules with logic, lead Germany out of recession,

Provide  stimulus packages, subsidies companies, cut workers’ hours,

Balanced budget, created fiscal surplus logic guiding her

Managed Euro crisis


Angela Merkel, Leader of the Free World one of the most

Powerful women on earth.

Pray for Germany

It is selfish for me to only pray for my country…the country in which I was born.  We live in a global world that is inclusive of all ethnicities and religious groups.  Now is the time when people of every country arises and prays for the success of all nations.

I  have no problem confessing my love for Germany. If anyone has been paying attention to the news,  Germany will be holding their elections on September 24th.  The United States recent Presidential   election results shocked the world as President Trump was elected into office.  His rhetoric seemed at times both sexist and racist in hopes of uniting his base while dividing the country between whites and minorities.  This scare tactic is widely used in politics.  It has been reported that the leader of the Alternative for Germany party is using this same method to create an increase in the division between Germans and other ethnic and religious groups.  It is my prayer that the people of Germany look at the US as an example of the unexpected results that stem from citizens gamblig on the unknown candidate.  President Trump’s policies have caused many Americans to cringe.  It feels as if he passes legislation daily and we really have no idea what bill will be imposed next.

I pray for the spirit of discernment for the people of Germany and wisdom to vote for the candidate most qualified for the task.

Holding On

If I new the last time I looked into your eyes would in fact be the last time; I would not have turned away so quickly

If I knew the last time we embraced would be the last time I felt your body touching me; I would have held you longer

If I knew yesterday that you would be taken from me tomorrow…I would have broken the clock, suspended time, and tomorrow would never arrive.