We Are One Body

america-globeWe live in a global world in which diversity is shunned and exclusivity is sought. In order to live peacefully among fellow citizens it is necessary to understand how the other half lives.  If we look at every ethnicity as enemies, we will remain divide.  It is necessary to work as one body for the benefit of the whole. A global society necessitates acceptance of diversity to work as one body for the benefit of the whole. No longer mocking other ethnic cultures, we stand on the foundation imbedded in mankind that all are created equally for there is but one race,…human.

We Dated 9 Days

It has been a while since I posted on my dating experience.  This story is by far the most embarrassing and outrageous stories of my 34 years of life.  With regret, I hate to announce this actually happened.

He was a Caucasian male 21 and I was “older”.  I figured why not give him a chance.  He seemed mature for his age and he had a sense of humor.  He told me that his family would not approve of him dating a black girl so we kept the relationship a secrete…or so I thought.  Well, the secrete lasted 1 day.  He and I worked together and he told everybody on the job we were dating.

Day 2- He brought me some jewelry, you know, nice earrings!

Day 3, I gave him a “card” and pictures of me…innocent nice girl pictures nothing risky like 50 Shades of Gray His aunt worked at the same place he and I worked.  He called me constantly.

Day 5- We even discussed marriage and family

Day 6- He said his aunt was over his house speaking with his mom.  I thought, “Oh that is interesting.”

Day 7- He called me I called him exchanged words, I was upset, I think we broke up I left a “polite” voice mail….whatever.

Day 8-  While at work our coworkers chime in on the situation and how he was so upset because he did not want to break up with me.  He confessed his love and everybody said he was soooo happy to be with me.  Again, whatever.

Day 9-  Finally, at work, he tells me to come outside because he needed to speak to me and it was very important.  He informed me his aunt told his mother.  His mother threatened to tell his father if he did not end the relationship.  So…he broke up with me on the side of the building at the job.  I passed by I saw his mother and sister in the car watching the whole break up scene.  I must admit I was not heartbroken as it ended before it ever begin.

Thanks everyone and especially all my followers, you guys are awesome!

Unseen Wounds

Portray yourself powerfully preying

on the weak, only cowards take

Pride trampling those

Who cannot speak.

Silent, they have lost their voice,

Too down trodden to fight, they

See the maze, the obstacle course.

Use wealth tower above the rest,

Using fame, Fortune, looking down

On the poor as useless.

You have no spine jelly fish words

Stinging tentacles, wrapping around

Prey squeezing them lifeless,

Until they lose consciousness.

Clammy, coldness of your words,

Every breath aim to hurt, never

Tender words of comfort

to console.

Reaching depths of the soul, so

Potent each word carefully placed.

The final phrase, close the trap

You so skillfully laid.