MarKesha L. Dean is an African-American author, political poet, and admire of all cultures. A life long student who embraces the title “Ethnicity Equalizer”. Her mission is to use her writings to effect positive change.  Dean understands the global world in which we live having obtained three BA’s in German, History, and International Studies. Dean is a cultured individual who studied at The University of Applied Sciences, Schmalkalden, Germany.  A native of South Carolina, USA she embraces the beauty arrayed in every ethnicity.  Born at Beth Israel, a New York Jewish hospital, her name “Markesha” was taken from the Evangelist Mark in King James Bible.  She believes as a Christian that we are all born with innate gifts for the worlds good and for God’s glory.

Ethnicity Equalizer

The title “Ethnicity Equalizer” was birth while she was studying in Germany. She recalls one of her fondest memories sitting in a restaurant in Thuringia a few miles from the university, named “Michaels”. Dean listened to those around her speaking in their native tongue. She remembers three gentlemen speaking Italian, adjacent to the  Italians where Ukrainian students, and in the rear,  Lithuanian and Polish students speaking in a language she did not understand.

God as Linguistic Maestro

Listening to all those languages being spoken at once may have sounded like a cacophony.  Dean describes the sounded as God  being the great maestro who created all diverse languages and dialects for one harmonious linguistic symphony.  In that instance, Dean found her purpose to encourage others not to despise cultures different than their own but to embrace them.