Angela Merkel: The Beauty of In Between

This poem was written last year; just in case someone assumed it was written to commemorate Angela Merkel’s being elected to a historic 4th term as German Chancellor. It will be featured in my upcoming book the Beauty Behind Shattered Crystals. This book includes biographical poetry on certain political figures as well as satirical political poetry.

East German raised, West German born, two distinct

Worlds separated loved ones, young girl’s perception of

The world being formed, devout Lutheran upbringing,

Great wall crumbling, free to leave embraces logic,

Science; yet holds fast Christian values Great

Faith become German Chancellor


De facto leader of European Union she fully embraces

Balancing act; German Chancellor, understanding German

Citizen’s needs, legislating European Union unbiased,

All countries may benefit, elected to fourth term, first woman

Chancellor, The Decider, not easily persuaded by public

Opinion does what is needed when opposition withstands her


Christian leader not afraid defend her faith welcomed immigrants,

Opened Germany’s borders, help all in need,

Scientist rules with logic, lead Germany out of recession,

Provide  stimulus packages, subsidies companies, cut workers’ hours,

Balanced budget, created fiscal surplus logic guiding her

Managed Euro crisis


Angela Merkel, Leader of the Free World one of the most

Powerful women on earth.

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