Pray for Germany

It is selfish for me to only pray for my country…the country in which I was born.  We live in a global world that is inclusive of all ethnicities and religious groups.  Now is the time when people of every country arises and prays for the success of all nations.

I  have no problem confessing my love for Germany. If anyone has been paying attention to the news,  Germany will be holding their elections on September 24th.  The United States recent Presidential   election results shocked the world as President Trump was elected into office.  His rhetoric seemed at times both sexist and racist in hopes of uniting his base while dividing the country between whites and minorities.  This scare tactic is widely used in politics.  It has been reported that the leader of the Alternative for Germany party is using this same method to create an increase in the division between Germans and other ethnic and religious groups.  It is my prayer that the people of Germany look at the US as an example of the unexpected results that stem from citizens gamblig on the unknown candidate.  President Trump’s policies have caused many Americans to cringe.  It feels as if he passes legislation daily and we really have no idea what bill will be imposed next.

I pray for the spirit of discernment for the people of Germany and wisdom to vote for the candidate most qualified for the task.

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