A Lesson from a 6 year old

I love the resiliency that is innate within the human spirit.  I was reading a book to my 6 year old niece which taught a lesson on  self-esteem.  I began to read and have her repeat the positive phrases after me.  I told her that her mom, dad,  other family members, and I believe in her.  I even told her that God believes in her. I began reading the book again, stopped suddenly, turned looked at her looking up at me.  I asked her one question. Do you believe in you?  She looking up at me, smiled and said, “Yes, it’s cool being Lyric”!  I want to preserve that level of innocence that she possesses and pray that at 16 she’s still saying it’s cool being Lyric.  I encourage everyone to look within yourselves.  Take a lesson from a 6 year old and say it’s cool being who you are.

4 thoughts on “A Lesson from a 6 year old

  1. She has a great gift!

    My daughter will be 6 this fall and has a whole “land” (in her mind) stemming from her unique strengths and interests. It’s funny to think how that would be perceived from an adult. Not acceptable most likely. Which makes this time in their lives that much more priceless.


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