The greatest blessing is that I am now unemployed.  I was working for someone else and became frustrated as I was unable to dedicate myself wholly to my calling and what I enjoy doing…writing.  I know what is like to hate going to work everyday.  Honestly,  I have more peace doing what I love now, than I did being “stuck” building another person’s vision.  Do not miss understand, as I believe you keep working until you are financially able to work for yourself.  I believe in team work and knowing that you can use your skills to build a better vision, future, and impact lives that will reach beyond your finger tips.  I am delighted that the only obstacle is myself.  I am my own competition.  I am in the process of conquering me daily to fulfill my destiny.

First, I want to thank all my followers for your patience and support.  I have not posted any new poems in a while as I am compiling them into two books;  “When Caterpillars Die With Butterflies Inside” and “The Beauty Behind Shattered Crystals.” This journey has been awakening as I was on the  path to write one book.  I thank God because my work to on a life of its on.  I realized that it would be more beneficial and structured to do a separate book for the pomes that cover political and economic issues.    Thus, two books derived out of a collage of thoughts, poems, and pet peeves.  The plan is to have both books available by August. Again, I thank you all.


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