I looked upon almond shapes eyes and saw kindess…Oriental

Observed defined cheek bones and witnessed the power of speech…Native American

Witnessed long, black, silk hair, as precious as onxy…East Indian

Fathom how quiet wisdom of age celebrated, simple life, simple pleasures sought, techno giants rising….Asia

Delighted in blues eyes as blue as Ageian Sea, blond hair cascading then blowing in the wind…Hungary

Observed stamina as he walled head held high, aware of family heritage, a gentleman…European

Proper speech, etiquette lessons, decorum done with perfection…British

Portuguese, Negro, mixture equalling seductive persuasion in every step walking as if a song playing in her head shakes and shimmies….South American

All shades of the rainbow witnessed, vibrant attire, vibration of drums as mother land celeberated…Africa

Sound, peculiar acent spoken down under, kangaroo’s invited to a barbie…Australia

Melting pot: Native American foundation, descendents of Spanish, European settlers and African slaves….North America

Gazed the ice snow capp mountains of white frosting covering landscape all fading…Antartica.

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