Biracial Dating Rule #10

america-globeThis rule completes my list of top 10 Biracial Dating Rules. I will list all 10 on my website under the relationship advice tap in the drop down menu.

The first year is the most trying year of your relationship.  If the two of you can survive the first year with all the scrutiny it entails; then you are capable of creating a foundation that can sustain you for years to come.  Remember to respect one another’s traditions, not take each other so seriously, and know that every battle is not always about ethnicity.  There are certain arguments, on the surface, that appear to be about race. However, when you look beyond the surface, you realize the true culprit is fear of the unknown.

I encourage you not to be afraid of being vulnerable and opening yourself to be loved in an unexpected way.  Diversity is not an enemy causing family strive.  Rather, diversity should be perceived as another spice added to the family melting pot making dinner more satisfying…bon appetit.  Enjoy loving one another as love comes in all shades of color.

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