Why Do I Write

I began writing poetry at the age of 12.  I recall a writing assignment for my 6th grade English teacher who instructed us to write about any topic we choose.  Being a tom boy and not interested in “girly stuff”; I wrote about a real life issue….battered men.

I shared this poem in a former post, but did not give the history behind the work.  I was watching a life time movie and for once, the man was not the evil husband as often portrayed on Life Time Movie Network.  The wife was an alcoholic and the aggressor.  I thought to myself; no one  tells the story from the abusive husband’s point of view.  So at the age of twelve, I decided to accept the challenge.  It was my first poem.  I was pleased when my teacher returned the assignment to me with a 92 written in red letters.  The grade was awesome enough, but the note on the paper was life changing.  She simply wrote,” I think we should have this published.”

It is with those words of encouragement, that I continued to write.  I have four note books of poems and stories from age twelve to the present.  Some things I will never share as they are to intimate, to painful, to remember.  Every poem on this blog is being compiled into a book, “When Caterpillars Die With Butterflies Inside.”  I am not one to write love poems so if your looking for romantic poetry, this  book is not for you.  However, if you are one who embraces abnormal circumstances live presents and are tired of being what the status quo proclaims as politically correct; then you’ll enjoy this work. This book challenges your views on social class, race, historical incidents, and human relationships.

Please fell free to give me advice as this is truly a work in progress.  There maybe some pomes on my blog that are not listed in the poetry section of the website. I am going through the list and will have each poem from the blog readily available in the poems tab on my web page within the next few days.  Thanks again for your support.

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