A Smooth Politician

Crowd ecstatic banners dance wildly in

air smooth politician spoke such eloquent

candor promises of equality education

constituents aware funds for education

vouchers private school care.

“I’ll end wars, bring troops home, sleep

in their wives’ beds.”

A calculated move, save citizens lives

use drone military instead.

“I will unify the government all work


In secrete, “Those vulcan

politicians, feel nothing for babies

passing legislation killing

unborn, selling organs for wages.”

“The people are my friends not my enemies”,

the crowd cheered. Snickering to himself,

“If I had my way, I’d ban every

immigrant from every state.”

“I support women’s rights, a sacred people,

we keep them safe.”

“In my house she knows her place,

speaks when spoken to

after giving me three children;

I’ll give her a cute little office in return.”

“I promise one, I promise all, no taxation

rich or poor. Do away with taxes,

do away with them all.”

A great roar bombarded the stage

crowd silent, looked in dismay.

First ten rows, business men, sponsors

of the event, laughed cheered hearing

all the pigeon stool spurted, his last joke

brought tears of joy every business man,

woman who heard it.

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