Die Empty



We are  all blessed with innate gifts.  I am so grateful for you all sharing the best part of you with me.  I believe the main reason there is devastating lack in the world in every country is because people have not discovered their gifts.  The world needs all of you.  It would be heart wrenching not to allow the world to experience the greatness hidden within you all. I encourage you today. I pray you will live your life so that everything within you flows as a river of many waters bring forth life. I was told the richest place on earth is the cemetery. The grave is full of individuals who died with their gifs buried inside.  I dare you to decide that when the time comes for you to leave this earth; you die empty.  That is, you die having none of your gifts lying dormant.  I pray you die having emptied all of you and that the world may be better because you were born.

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