Biracial Dating Rule # 9


I believe conflict if not dealt with properly can cause deep seated resentment.  All family traditions need to be considered before deciding to make changes.  If the two of your decide to begin your own traditions; it should not be done out of spite.  Doing so in this manner will create a wound within your partner and his or her relatives.  Often times, we may oblige our loved ones request, but become bitter in the process.  If you cannot handle another family dinner or vacation with in-laws; the key is to be honest.  The two of you can alternate holidays, vacations (one with in-laws and or kids), and another stress free vacation just the two of you.  All marriages need to be nurtured and cared for and biracial marriages are no different in that aspect.  Starting a new family tradition can be away to solidify your union.  If done respectfully,  it could be the catalyst that births another level of unity not yet experienced by the family.

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