Voice Crying from the Womb

Why confusion?

Minding my own business until

My appointed time would come

I waited but that day never came

No one asked me no one gave me

Burial for my remains

Why tears, cries, I did not want

Your dreams to die? It did not

Have to be had you let

Me live you would have seen

How great two of us,

or three, could be

But… no one asked me

You said you loved me tears

Streaming down, checked in the clinic,

Laid there, waited for my demise you

Call this love mama I don’t understand

Why not plan ahead?

Me a mistake I was

Awakened you provided

Space to create me you did not

Ask me mama, do you want to be born

Why didn’t you listen to my voice?

My steady heart beating, beating, in

Tuned with yours magnificent

Movement of my arms, mighty strength in

My legs, I stretched and turned, see how

Big, I would have gotten?

All signs I was expecting a great return

I thought you wanted me you let

This happen you blame me for your own

Reckless actions? I could have

Waited one, two, three, years

or more your irresponsible behavior

yet it’s me you abhor?

My future ended before beginning, no one

Individual thought I was worthy

and took a stand

Use contraception instead not worth the

Trouble! Why kill me before I

Had a chance at life… I never saw

Sunrise, nor pretty blue sky

No one asked my opinion from

Whom did you get wrights you

Saw no value in your child’s life?


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