Political Junky

Scrumptious sensations I stand

on stage decorated great man years

of political heavy weight belts faced

the best every election I remain

in first place

precious positions people matter do

not understand some deem me pure

evil I read negative reviews fact

check me the average viewer unwilling

due to political withdrawal

serious, sounding, intelligent,

skillful language lulls them into

lullaby state speaking confidently

seal the deal my message unique

loyal supports will not believe

true interviews with their own eyes

like a meth addict living in ultimate

euphoria I lie well tricked myself

believing good morals

changeling changes health care for all,

free college tuition, minimum wage

raised $12 an hour come what may

heavenly high last for hours need

quick fix get my I-pad read articles

written about me I love gazing

my name in headlines

myriad mentions I am primetime

higher I fly exhilarating my

cloud nine ride

invincible, polarizing, politician, no

one person can defeat me in polls

I soar, soar, higher than the rest, field

composed mediocre colleagues

honor me on Saturday Night Live

can’t stop doing skits portraying

my political style

magnificent momentum preparing

every day, lights, camera, action, play

my theme music watch my numbers

soar after debates.

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