I’ll Die When I’m Done

WP_20160429_17_02_15_ProI have hopes beautiful family children

one boy one girl cute as can be joy

they bring I don’t have no kids yet

I’ll die when I’m done raising my

daughter and son

build my dream house with pride no

intentions dying on cold street

corner by the way side

dropped out of school young

foolish I’ll go back, GED, high

school diploma, at least one degree

I’ll go ten years 400 credit hours

no matter gain my honors

I’ll die when I’m done visiting

Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls,Image result for niagara falls canada

all splendors under sun

seven continents of wonder

never left U.S no not once

I’ll die after I see great Pyramids,

Palace of Mt. Olympus,

Hall of Mirrors

I’ll die after I climb China’s Great Wall,Image result for great wall of china

set foot on Cuban soil, no laboring in

vain, no more toil I’ll live the good life

see my dreams fulfilled

I won’t die until my

inner spirit is quite within

my final strength I’ll swim the

Mediterranean Sea, walk the Streets

of Jerusalem, oh how great my

final days will be

I’ll reminisce about my life; my travels, my

beautiful children, grands, friends, fellow

church members, classmates all who

touched my life

a smile on my face I lie in wait

greatest visit the heavens where

my king stands at the gate

my death bed special occasion lovedWP_20160429_17_11_58_Pro

ones release me to my final

resting place nothing will matter

I’m done now in God’s arms

my spirit will settle.






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