The Resurrected Dreamer

This poem was written as a sequel to a poem I had posted previously, A Fool Hearted Dreamer.  If you had not read the first poem, then you can click on the poems tab in the drop down menu.  All poems posted on my blog are listed in this section. Thanks

Awakened out of the abyss rise from

My burial grave undisturbed I must

See my dream unfold

I hovered over the city watched in despair

Witnessed homeless children, men, women,

So much agony, did anyone care? I would

Build shelters on every corner no

One sleep under shed for cover

Provide safe haven for desperate to escape

Escape from pain, hurt they constantly

Feel I’d have counselors, staff, give advice,

Help them heal

Pray more, attend church every Sunday,

I see this world so much pain I

Need to be intoxicated until numb

I hate feeling lifelessness it’s

Unfortunate I did nothing to help

I feel somehow responsible

I spent money on selfish

Needs my family must be secure

I don’t have abundance for

Broke unemployed poor

I’d pray believe God send a

Blessing their way God cares for

The homeless come what may

I had fame cover of magazines,

Give back, help the needy, feed the

Hungry, cloth the naked,

I had a delusional time table

I did not tell my heart’s desire

Surprise the world give big

Donations all who heard be inspired

How could I die so young so much I

Needed to get done thought I had

More time my show just begun

My dream my story hidden scared

Someone steal my glory do

It all over I would change free

The world from chaos and dismay

Foolish dying my dream buried

Inside what good keeping it hidden

I’m dead now all my

Influence is useless

I wander streets soul uneasy God

Had a planned purpose for my life

I was not obedient.

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