Southern Blossom

Arms stretched hands hanging down

Long fingers entangle you asking

too hold your hand

No one inclined their ears to my needs

Used me for selfish gain no affection

For me in Carolina I’ve stood

so long seen the South torn

Through racial thunderstorms

Men hung from my arms in disgrace

Punished people dislodged and

Misplaced all my glory masked in

Darkness people deemed toxic

No respect given dangle,

Shake, self proclaimed superiors

Cheered declared God’s work

for Christ sake

No master sought approval threw

Rope around me, tied my arm, pulled

Tightly, squeezing the very sap out of me

One decision bond forever forged

Betwixt slave and I one rope connected

Both souls tree and man alike

Master pulled tighter watched

Him dance suspended mid air

He shook, shimmied, they

Cheered at the festivities as

if watching the Emmys

All my splendor vibrant colors

of my leaves there is sadness

Hidden in each ring for so

Many seasons

I stand firm Angel Oak shall not be

Moved seasons change it was too

Late slaves beckoned the day

Relief from hate

A New South has arisen no

Longer see hanging blacks a privilege

80 rings am I life is changing it seems

This New South is foreign to me

As a sapling I remember cries at

Midnight hymns of broken people

Praying for freedom I stood unmovable

Families gathered witnessed horror

I envisioned ferocious winds howling

Causing my limbs to break render me

Useless that hour

I waited patiently no strong winds

No hurricane taking me to my final

Resting place I’m tired of

Being an ornament of disgrace

Who understands a divided

Nations fate

No longer a hanging tree my

Arms more limber used for shady

Picnics, quality time, as families flourish

Bloody stains of slavery, our nation’s

History- like harsh, cold, brutal winters

Observe fertility, youthful spring

In the Carolinas

Embrace the Golden Age, bask in the

Warmth of summer

Indulge in the rainbows of autumn

We are ever changing

Ever growing

Not fully inclusive but we seize the


of seasons of life to come.

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