Bitter Sweet Memories

What happens when youthful

Countenance dissipates gray hair

Appears fancy foot work of

Dancers no longer move quickly?

When youthful breast nurture

Care for babe no longer firm

When a man once vibrant passions energy

Decreases enjoyment life’s pleasure

Increase body no longer willing

When little things matter more

Than years prior beautiful wife

Of thy youth more satisfying

We recall speeding down highways

Trills our twenties now fifty enjoying

Being together same highway all these years

Starting a family through spontaneous

Pleasures, excitement hearing your

Expecting, fears completely

Responsible for infant

Planning ensuring every moment safe,

Fear staying up sneak out on a date,

Little arguments cute little bundle

Runs away declare mom and

Dad play favorites

Joys of parenting woes of teenage

Heart breaks, prom dates, uninvited

Parties, watching children develop,

Young adults, joys, accomplishments,

Graduate, off to college

Finally the house empty travel, explore

New heights, just the two of you starting

Again enjoy every moment in the

Beginning love between man and woman

and life as they dreamed it would be

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