Times of Old

Child then now grown wondered

Upon a road searching for meaning

Found antique symbols times of old

Light fuzzy pillow soft yellow blanket

Stitched times of napping, crawling,

Remembered dreams of angels once lost

Through a path, a ring small and dear,

not mine but a sibling two years my senior.

Beyond the meadow a little one

Appears happy now sad his sibling

Is gone through a path six

Feet under he remembers her funeral

Six feet under he digs and digs

A precious ring discovered

initials warn my sibling two

years my senior unforgettable

smile so genuine

Lost now found precious

Silver bracelet given to me

Run over by weeds

Dug from beneath

Pictures in caves through

Dark days look upon long

Stem flowers lights my way

Ten dollars for each year

Love happiness and lament

One dollar per year

for my sacrifice

Played on a string like a lifeless puppet

forced to move I am forced to remember

Times of old.

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