Day awaits him such uncertainty

Newness of feeling yet to be explored

He desires to understand his

Purpose propelling him on a journey

of self-fulfillment his intellect thirst

for knowledge is admirable

A debonair man understands knowledge

Foundation of true power

Develops his mind as well as his biceps

Moral character, life style, confidence

In every step, exquisite definition

of the male form brings women subject

Strength in his triceps man of

Stature all whom look upon him

Stand an applaud

He is the very definition of man- healthy,

Strong, foundation which his family

Rests his strength pure bread Arabian

His speed unmatched

His voice intense voice of

Honor speaks with authority

Commands his environment

Conforms his world

Shaped by the sweat of his brow

One woman adored

Each touch his hand assuring her

There is no other his children

Well loved groomed example

of excellent training

Father commands children taught

With purpose fashioned for greatness

Unobtainable power testosterone

Flowing through his body

Thrusting him forward no

Woman could comprehend the

Pleasure of manhood.











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