Queen Victoria II: Grace of One Who Reigns

Destiny of young girl born to a king

Beloved father confident she is capable of

Reigning made no mistake

Ensuring her place

In one moment life changed, beloved father

No longer reigns 25 years old, the Scepter,

the Orb, the Rod of Mercy and Royal Ring she

Received her place on the throne

Her destiny revealed

Some questioned her ability her gender a

Strength not handicap other countries’

Leaders predominately male

Hand extended leads by example not

Only loyal subjects but even Her

Majesty pays income tax

The world embraced Her Majesty

Travels, hosts leaders of various

Countries, accomplished great things, first

Reigning British Monarch visit South

America, Persian Gulf welcomed Her Majesty

More than 64 years she reigns supreme

Gracious monarch sought wisdom to lead

Princess, Second Lieutenant in women’s

Service drove and repaired Military trucks

1953 journey began arduous task

She grasp destiny with both hands

Longest reigning British Monarch

Legacy of grace, servitude, selfless giving

Time and attention

Matriarchal patron over 500 charitable

Organizations lover of dogs, horses nature’s beauty

In Buckingham Palace she resides daily surrounded

by rich history of her heritage

Portraits of predecessor Queens and Kings

Adorn her dwelling her beloved father truly

proud of the work his daughter accomplished.

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