Golden Opportunity

Five individuals their I-pads expensive

Black pens peer questioning your interests?

One by one you answer their questions

They analyze if you are their preference

Finally it’s over you shake hands

Close the door exit nerves on edge

One, two months or more one

Phone call opens the door

Voice strong powerful

We need you report to headquarters

The process, signing your name in

the company’s book of opportunity

Unemployed for years you don’t care

Give me the position I’ll go anywhere

I’ll do anything

A tour smiling co-workers toil

Happily employees working all acting

Wow, what a show! Cake in the break

Room, managers cheered, new

Arrivals had come

Given the holy manual, company is

Governed page after, page, rules,

Regulations, is this really my safe haven?

Lead to the back, your ID being made

Hold still, one flash, no more

Financial heart ache

Ah, I can breathe, I have a job,

Free at last, a job is the

Key to gaining success.

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