A Fool Hearted Dreamer

I attended the funeral of a Dreamer

Whispering I asked, “How did the dreamer

Die and why?”

The Dreamer waited with expectation five

Years no fulfillment no seasons changed

No matter Dreamer said, ” I’ll wait

Ten years, twenty years.”

The Dreamer

Watched loved ones as they

Rotted and died

Too much pain for the Dreamer living

Things vibrant, thriving, loved ones grew

Strong, then wither, perhaps all this time

Dreamer was in denial –this I

Pondered casket carried by

Six down the aisle

I inquired of a gazing old woman

The mission?

“To scared of any living

being to reveal the vision.’

Dreamer claimed,

“It would be for the world to see.”

So great Dreamer died, the

Dream buried inside

Dreamers underestimate magnitude

Of their gifts.

“Please, someone tell me what was

the dream, what gifts contributed”?

An elderly man rocking steadily in the

Pew, stated firmly,

“Professing to have great wisdom,

died like a fool.”

“Whatever the dream, dead now it’s

too late, so we attend the funeral

and speculate.”

We say farewell to the dreamer

and the unspoken dream.

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