The Gift

WP_20160429_17_06_37_ProResilient am I strong independent

I have been through struggles

Inner hell I placed myself in

I will not give anyone satisfaction of

Conquering me some picked as if

I were nothing wait and they will see

 I will be great keep my head up

Work hard past tests the day

Will come when I tower above the rest

I surpass my peers no one fear will

Hinder me I am my own person my

Own competition is all within me

I told myself I know I’m goodWP_20160429_17_06_37_Pro

Enough no one sees my

Preordained purpose I

Believe in me

He knows my every step

Not afraid I would fail my DNA

Entangled the God kind of faith

I see the finish line my name

Honored I give God

Glory for my fame.



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