The Machine

In the cold young, old, exercise rights

Our government graciously bestowed

We vote; states big, small, blue,

Red, stay home if you dare

I watch the machine great faith in

Democracy nothing could go wrong

Every vote counted fairly, I select

Democrat, somehow that machine

Didn’t pick my candidate–

I call for assistance volunteer finished

Training this morning so knowledgeable

I stand in awe!

“You learned this two hours ago?

Impressed ever more our great democracy.”

Informed me machine acting strangely


“ It has a tendency to vote for you,

do not be alarmed, I fixed it,

choose the right candidate.”

“Any party you like I guarantee

this time it will work just fine.”

I touched the screen a test selected

Republican candidate machine confirmed it

Great, I thought touched button to

Undo, sorry, read the machine two

Attempts you’re through

I glanced around so much blind trust

Walked off shaking my head given

Sticker ‘I voted’ I look upon disgusted

I listened as others murmur,

“Did you vote on the bill?”

“I tried machine went blank, rebooted,

whole ballot completed not sure what

I voted on or whom.”

“You vote against tax increase?”

“I tried, but the

arrow kept moving all around I think I

Voted for tax increases ten times!”

Democracy easier every day make

a difference politicians say how

Great our country would be no political

Jargon spoken– healthier I imagine,

Less talk less hot air pollutants.








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