Election 0f 2016

America experience transition this election

Year incomprehensible shrewd business

Man elected self-proclaimed republican

Nomination captured

Democrats, superdelegates, swindle Bernie

Sanders, elect by unethical measures Hillary

Clinton to the rescue

Trump card, keep email scandal

Circulating, build a wall around

Mexico, change trade laws, repeal Obamacare

Clinton strategy, continue policies of her

Predecessor first African-American, first

Woman not even hollywood could write

Such script

World looking in disgust American

Politics became a circus citizens torn

Neither candidate their choice

Democratic primary stolen from

Sanders superdelgates propped Clinton

Illusion created landslide victory

Superdelgates ineligible in presidential

Elections no political safe haven

Election results stunned the world

People have spoken against political

Establishment America needs new

Direction resist nation’s appearance of

Democracy revolution on the horizon

New world order must be accomplished

Superdelegates excessive influence ruined

Primary results no longer

Factor in American politics

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