Many daughters and sons three

Women born Middle Eastern heirs

My seed torn

In God’s arms I rest my goal please the

Master forever I left my father’s house

No man beckoning me but I am that

I am called and moved me onward

In Jehovah’s presence I was visited the

Promise given uncertain my body able

Age the reality

My answer a young maiden Haggar youth

of her being her womb calling me with

My woman’s approval I received her body

Her womb open to me

There new life formed my first

Born son but with Haggar a servant girl

Exquisite joy birth of Ishmael my son I waited

Days praying it would come now God is

Faithful need no man’s help not I nor Sarahi

Could hinder God’s plan

But wait one more visit Jehovah speaks,

“Your son shall be born from the wife of

thy youth, Ishmael, a great nation, Isaac

Promised seed of Sarah and Abraham.”

Three decisions created Middle Eastern

War zone I am father Abraham what

Have I done? After the death of Sarah, I

Married another woman Keturah more

Children born who claim their

Inheritance as my sons.

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