They Call Me An Alien…I Know My Name

Illegal aliens not human beings should

Be deported unwanted people are we

Search for better life equal opportunity

To survive our families separated loved

Ones die in transit

My mother escaped to freedom

Former sex slave was she In Mexico

No happiness for an uneducated

Mexican girl

With great courage hiding

On a boat prayed Santa Maria keep

Me safe until I reach America’s border

My African-American father in

Love married her

Deemed illegal aliens must be

deported I have friends family

US treat us as exports I speak

English well eat American food

listen to music with my

American friends

Anchor baby is an awful term

They say my mother wanted me

to Mexico she would never return

Amarissa is my name I am the blessing

in this deportation  love story

Fifteen am I we’ve lived here ever since

I make no apologies I was

Born in America here I will remain.

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