MarKesha Dean

I am the proof that all things are possible. I was born in a Jewish hospital, Beth Israel, in the multi-ethnic state of New York.  My name, MarKesha was taken from the Evangelist Mark in King James Bible.  I enjoy informing anyone who will listen that he died April 25 and Roman Catholics celebrate his feast on that day– which is also my birthday. I reside in South Carolina, USA and I embrace the beauty arrayed in every ethnicity.

My father was kidnapped off the Virgin Island as little boy by a British woman.  My mother is African American and Native American and my father was West Indian. My father was born on the Virgin Island of Cape Cod.  My father’s family appears to be descendants of West Africa, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, and Nigeria, called Bantus. Our last name “Dean” of course is not a traditional West African name.  My sister began tracing our family heritage and she discovered a great Aunt of my father.  According to our great aunt, the British woman who kidnapped my father gave him her last name.  All this information was discovered roughly five years ago.  My father died in 2000 when I was a junior in high school.  He died not knowing his identity.  Even more baffling, he had no knowledge that he had been kidnapped off the island.  He never mentioned this to my mother or my siblings.  He and my mother were together thirteen years before my mother left him when I was one years old.  The first time any of us had heard this story, was after my sister had her DNA tested and began uncovering our family tree.

Now, you understand why I believe in the preservation of one’s own cultural heritage. It is equally important not to be fearful of embrace another individual’s culture. I am a black girl raised in the projects by a single mother who worked two jobs to provide for me and my siblings. At the age of 54, my mother graduated from college while I graduated from high school that same year. The black girl from the ghetto studied at The University of Applied Sciences, Schmalkalden, Germany. Ich liebe Deutschland. I love Germany! I obtained three BAs from the local university Francis Marion University in Modern Language German, History, and International Studies. I was born and God ingrained a love for cultural experiences in my DNA. I believe in the beauty of diversity and this is why I created this blog.